13537. Cogan


  1. Henry Cogan (d. 1612) m. 1590 Joan Boridge (d. aft 1613); Taunton, Somerset, Eng.
  2. Frances Cogan (1606–1671) m. 1623 John Whitcomb (bef. 1599–1662); Taunton, Somerset, Eng.; Hingham, Lancaster, Mass.


The basic essay on this family is George E. McCracken, Early Cogans English and American, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 110 (1956): 185-201; 111 (1957): 5-18, 84-91, 168-87, 245-8, esp. 111:168-77. McCracken speculates that Henry may be the son of Henry and Elizabeth (Carey) Cogan, of Chedzoy, Somerset, but ultimately leaves the matter unresolved (pp. 168-9). There is also a brief item by Tim Farr, ibid., 168 (2014): 298, with corrections on some of Henry and Joane’s children.

Related surnames

423. Whitcomb

No additonal information on the Boridge family is available at this time.

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