5849. Goodale


  1. John Goodale (ca. 1509–1546) m. Anne ____ (d. aft. 1547); Fincham, Norfolk, Eng.
  2. Thomas Goodale (ca. 1539–1579) m. Emme ____ (d. 1616); Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Eng.
  3. John Goodale (1566–1625) m. (1) 1587 Bridget Portler (d. 1607); Downham, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Eng.
  4. Richard Goodale (1594–1666) m. Dorothy Witrents (ca. 1595–1665); Salisbury, Mass.
  5. Ann Goodale (ca. 1618–1678) m. ca. 1639 William Allen (ca. 1610–1686); Salisbury, Mass.


George E. Williams, A Genealogy of Some of the Descendants of Richard Goodale of Newbury, Mass. (Hartford, Conn.: author, 1983), 1-6, is a basic genealogy for Richard’s descendants in the male line. The English origin was first developed by Walter Goodwin Davis, “John Goodale of Great Yarmouth,” American Genealogist 22 (1945/6): 17-21. Myrtle Stevens Hyde, “Additions to the Family of Richard¹ Goodale of Salisbury, Massachusetts,” American Genealogist 85 (2011): 134-40, expands upon Davis, but questions the assignment of a maiden name to Richard’s wife.

Related surnames

731. Allen

No additional information on the Portler and Witrents families is available at this time.

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