15263. Bentzenhoffer


  1. Jerg Bentzenhoffer (d. aft. 1613) m. ____; Necklinsberg, Württemberg, Germany
  2. Maria Bentzenhoffer (d. aft. 1627) m. 1613 Michael Dautel (ca. 1586–1636); Lindentahl, Grafschaft Limpurg (later Württemberg), Germany


There seems to be no readily available documentation on Maria’s lineage beyond her marriage record, in Evangelische Kirche Oppelsbohm, Dekanat Waiblingen, Kirchenbücher, Band 1, 193 recto, left column, first entry, Landeskirchliches Archiv Stuttgart, Archion (www.archion.de/en, Stuttgart, Germany: Kirchenbuchportal GmbH, 2013–9). Her father is called Jerg, of Necklinsberg, but there are multiple candidates for him in that village, including two who appear from 1621 to 1634, when the elder Jerg died. A sample of records on them both appears ibid., 155 recto, right column, first entry (1618) second entry (June 1621), 155 verso, left column, third entry (1628), 167 recto, right column, first entry (March 1621) 168 recto, left column, first entry (1634).

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7631. Dautel

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