15167. Lederer


  1. Conrad Lederer (d. bef. 1627) m. ____; Backnang, Württemberg, Germany
  2. Catharina Lederer (d. aft. 1635) m. 1627 Jerg Mack (1603–1635); Backnang, Württemberg, Germany


There appears to be no information available on this lineage beyond what appears in Catharina’s marriage record, in Evangelische Kirche Murrhardt, Dekanat Backnang, Kirchenbücher, Band 2, 8 verso, seventh entry, Landeskirchliches Archiv Stuttgart, Archion (http://www.archion.de/en, Stuttgart, Germany: Kirchenbuchportal GmbH, 2013–9). It has been proposed that Catharina’s father was the Wirt (landholder) of Backnang whose wife was Catharina; they both died in the plague of 1626, along with four of his young children (Burkhart Oertel, Ortssippenbuch der württembergischen Kreisstadt Backnang, 4 vols., Deutsche Ortssippenbücher, ser. A, vols. 262, 263, 354, 392, and Reihe Württembergishe Ortssippenbücher, vols. 40, 41, 60, 72 [Neubiberg and Frankfurt am Main, Germany: compiler, 1999–2005], 1:42). However, the chronology is not entirely favorable. In particular, it is not clear that Catharina was the mother of this Conrad’s children.

Related surnames

7583. Mack

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