11653. Gaylord


  1. Nicholas Gaylord (d. 1546) m. Joan Sevenoke (d. 1572); Pitminster, Somerset, Eng.
  2. Hugh Gaylord (1546–1614) m. ____; Pitminster, Somerset, Eng.
  3. Alice Gaylord (b. 1594) m. 1615 Richard Treat (1584–ca. 1670); Pitminster, Somerset, Eng.; Wethersfield, Conn.


Benjamin H. Gaylord, The English Ancestry of Deacon William Gaylord: New Light and Observations, American Genealogist 58 (1982): 218-23, based on research by Michael Wood in London, remains the basic treatment of this family, but Craig Partridge, Updating the Family of NicholasB Gaylord of Pitminster, Somerset: Ancestors of Alice¹ (Gaylord) Treat of Wethersfield, Connecticut, American Genealogist 91 (2019–20): 284-5, offers a few chronological adjustments.

Related surnames

46613. Sevenoke · 3913. Trott–Treat

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