265. Weibrecht


  1. Hans Weiprecht (d. bef. 1695) m. Sabina ____ (ca. 1649–1719); Schönbrunn, Württemburg, Germany
  2. Johann Martin Weibrecht (ca. 1689–bef. 1760) m. 1715 Margaretha Hoffman (d. aft. 1738); Schönbrunn, Württemburg, Germany; Lancaster, Pa.
  3. Johann Jacob Weibrecht (1722–1751) m. ca. 1749 Anna Maria ____ (d. bef. 1758); Lancaster, Pa.
  4. Anna Weibrecht (1752–1821) m. ca. 1770 Jacob Weidler (1748–1818); Manheim Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa.


This family has been treated most recently in Evelyn M. Waybright and Roger J. Waybright, One Line of Descent in the Waybright Family (n. p., 1981). Its treatment of this line essentially ends in 1760, with the partition of Johann Martin Weibrecht’s estate (n. 43). Key records relating to his son Jacob appear in Debra D. Smith and Frederick S. Weiser, transls. and eds., Trinity Lutheran Church Records, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 4 vols. (Apollo, Pa.: Closson Press, 1988–2006), 1:83, 98, 240, 284.

Related surnames

1061. Hoffman · 33. Weidler

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