Index of Surnames with Comments

This page shows all of the surnames in my ancestry that required additional commentary. Sometimes I have found it necessary to compile an extended genealogical summary based on research in documentary records. These summaries have been converted to PDF. Other surnames require less formal descriptions of research problems or significant but not well-recognized facts. On a surname page, this kind of commentary is presented at length beneath the outline and general sources, under a Comment heading. Lastly, a few of the summaries refer to printed articles that also were written by me.

Relatively few of the surnames developed to date have required such special treatment. This page, rather, directs visitors to the documents on this website that have required the most extensive writing and careful study. The main surname listing gives a better indication of my ancestors’ range.

Surnames with PDF Genealogical Summaries

Surnames with HTML Evidential and Bibliographical Notes

Surnames with References to Printed Works by This Author

Created 3 December 2014; last updated 5 November 2022.
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