Index of Surnames by Ahnentafel Number

The numbers that are assigned to each surname on this page denote their first appearance in my ahnentafel. In every case except one—1. Spencer—that particular number belongs to the female ancestor who brought the surname into my ancestry. I have used these numbers to structure the presentation of the information on this site. All of the data pertaining to any given surname is associated with its number or, in the case of multiple lines from a common ancestor, with the lowest number with which it appears in my ahnentafel. I list all of the minimum numbers on each page mentioning this common ancestor. On this page, every such number appears in its place in the sequence, with cross-references to the other numbers denoted by the equal sign ( = ). Unrelated families with the same surname receive separate treatments, distinguished by their numbers.

If this website were a book, this page might be its table of contents. Given the large number of headings that I employ, however, I do not expect users to find this page as helpful as the alphabetical list of surnames that serves as the main name-index page. A list of surname pages with commentary or genealogical summaries, as well as bibliographic references to earlier compilations, also appears on a separate page

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Created 25–28 September 2013; last updated 3 April 2022.
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