93. Brown


  1. (prob.) Chad Brown (ca. 1601–ca. 1663) m. 1626 Elizabeth Sharparowe; High Wycombe, Bucks., Eng.; Providence, R. I.
  2. Daniel Brown (d. 1710) m. 1669 Alice Hearnden (1652–aft. 1718; Providence, R. I.
  3. Jabez Brown (d. 1724) m. Ann ?Warner (d. 1727); Providence, R. I.
  4. William Brown (ca. 1708–1757) m. ca. 1728 Patience Arnold (d. aft. 1760); Smithfield, R. I.
  5. Eleazer Brown (1736–ca. 1812) m. 1758 Sarah Scott (1738–aft. 1806); Smithfield, R. I.; Adams, Mass.
  6. John Brown (1771–1863) m. (1) 1794 Phebe Brayton (1767–1830); Adams, Mass.
  7. Cynthia Brown (1794–1873) m. 1813 Col. Henry Willmarth (1782–1861); Adams, Mass.

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The standard account of the early generations in this family is William Bradford Browne, Chad Browne of Providence, R. I., and Four Generations of His Descendants, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 80 (1926): 73-86, 170-85. For the later generations in America, there is no authoritative treatment in print. As a result, I have produced a short version of a typical lineage study that gives extended treatment only to the later generations. Although I necessarily pursue only one child in each family from Eleazer forward, I also attempt to provide basic chronological information on all of my ancestors’ other children and their spouses.

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No further information on the Sharparowe family is available at this time.

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