14907. Schupp


  1. Jörg Schupp (d. aft. 1562) m. ____; Oberrot, Limpurg-Gaildorf, Germany
  2. Anna Schupp (d. aft. 1586) m. 1562 Lienhardt Metz (ca. 1540–bef. 1599); Fornsbach, Württemberg, Germany


All of the information presently available on this family is from Anna’s marriage record, in Evangelische Kirche Murrhardt, Dekanat Backnang, Kirchenbücher, Band 1, Mischbuch 1559–1617, second part, 5, twelfth entry, Landeskirchliches Archiv Stuttgart, Archion (http://www.archion.de/en, Stuttgart, Germany: Kirchenbuchportal GmbH, 2013–7). Records of the Lutheran parish of Oberrot, in the deaconry of Gaildorf, do not begin until 1623.

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7453. Metz

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