13095. van den Burchgraeff


  1. Hendrick Adriaens van den Bruchgraeff (d. bef. 1635) m. Annetje Jans (d. aft. 1635); Scherperswijk, Holland
  2. Mayken Hendrickse van den Burchgraeff (d. bef. 1664) m. 1625 Cornelis Hendrickse Van Ness (d. aft. 1684); Greenbush, Amersfoort, New Netherland; Albany, N. Y.


The most complete attempt at the genealogy of this family is William J. Hoffman, An Armory of American Families of Dutch Descent, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 72 (1941): 148-55.

Related surnames

6547. Van Ness

No additional information on the ancestors of Annetje Jans is available at this time.

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