273. Müller


  1. Ulrich Müller (d. aft. 1730) m. ____; Hundsbach, Pfalz, Prussia, Germany
  2. Susanna Catharina Müller (1714–1787) m. 1730 Peter Hoyl (1710–1761) m. 1730; Anson Co., N. C.


No information on this family has been published beyond what appears in Catharina’s marriage record at Hundsbach, in Robert C. Carpenter, Finding Peter Heyl in Europe, Footprints in Time, Gaston Lincoln Genealogical Society, 2009:118-26, at 119, and Robert C. Carpenter, Finding Peter Heyl in Europe Revisited, Footprints in Time, 2009:169-72, at 169-70, where Miles Philbeck corrects Carpenter’s earlier translation. It does not appear that further information on Ulrich in the Hundsbach register has been sought.

Related surnames

17. Hoyl

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