1693. Wheeler


  1. James Wheeler (d. 1722) m. 1682 Sarah Randall (1659–aft. 1722); Stow, Mass.
  2. Elizabeth Wheeler (1678–aft. 1728) m. Joseph Whitcomb (ca. 1692–bef. 1738); Littleton, Stow, Lancaster, Mass.


Albert Gallatin Wheeler, The Genealogical and Encyclopedic History of the Wheeler Family in America (Boston: American College of Genealogy, 1914), 578-80, gives an account of James that includes a transcript of his will. Whether he is related to any Wheeler families in the nearby town of Concord (including the one headed by George Wheeler) is unclear. Perhaps the most widely circulated speculation is that James was possibly the son of Capt. Thomas and Ruth (Wood) Wheeler of Concord, from George M. Bodge, Soldiers in King Philip’s War: Containing Lists of the Soldiers of Massachusetts Colony, Who Served in the Indian War of 1675–1677 (Boston: Printed for the author, 1891), 59 n. 72, but Bodge does not place great confidence in its accuracy.

Related surnames

3387. Randall · 423. Whitcomb

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