839, 845. Killam


  1. William Killam (d. ca. 1586) m. Clemence ____ (d. aft. 1566); Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, Eng.
  2. Henry Killam (1558–1631) m. 1582 Alice Goodale (d. 1624); Bury St. Edmunds, Dennington, Suffolk, Eng.
  3. Austin (Augustine) Killam (d. 1667) m. 1619 Alice Gorbolde (d. 1667); Wenham, Mass.
  4. Lot Killam (1640–1683) m. 1666 Hannah Goodale (b. 1645); Wenham, Mass.; Enfield, Conn.
  5. Sgt. James Killam (1677–1761) m. (1) Patience Collins (d. 1745); Enfield, Conn.
  6. Hannah Killam (b. 1706) m. 1724 Josiah Wood (1701–aft. 1763); Enfield, Somers, Conn.


Useful summaries of the early American generations appear in William Stowell Mills, The Early Kilhams, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 56 (1902): 344-6, and Sidney Perley, Killam Genealogy, Historical Collections of the Essex Institute 49 (1913): at 211-6. For the two last generations, reference must be made to Francis Olcott Allen, ed., The History of Enfield, Connecticut, 3 vols. (Lancaster, Pa.: Wickersham Printing Co., 1900), esp. 2:1593, 1810. English ancestors are explored by Sheila Spencer Stover, New Information about the Ancestry of Austin Kilham/Killam of Dedham and Wenham, Massachusetts, Colonial Genealogist 13, no. 47, reprinted in Augustan Society Omnibus 8 (1987): 74-7, 79, and Robert Charles Anderson, Marriages of Promise, American Genealogist 67 (1992): 54.

Alice Goodale, in the second generation above, is apparently the daughter of the widow Elizabeth (____) Goodale of Dennington, who died in 1602 and whose will is abstracted in Henry F. Waters, Genealogical Gleanings in England: Abstracts of Wills Relating to Early American Families, with Genealogical Notes and Pedigrees Constructed from the Wills and Other Documents, 2 vols. (1907; reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981), 2:1403-4. She may well be related to Hannah Goodale, whose ancestors came from the same parish, but their relationship is unknown.

Related surnames

1679. Collins · 3357. Goodale · 13425, 13521. Goodale · 211, 419. Wood

No further information on the ancestors of Alice Goodale or Alice Gorbolde is available at this time.

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