3361. Wise


  1. ____ Wise m. Elizabeth ____ (d. 1637); All Saints, Sudbury, Suffolk, Eng.; Roxbury, Mass.
  2. Mary Wise (d. 1637) m. 1624 Robert Mason (d. 1667); All Saints, Sudbury, Suffolk, Eng.; Roxbury, Mass.


The basic treatment of this family in print is Douglas Richardson, Widow Wise of Roxbury, Mass., and Her Sons-in-Law, Joseph Weld and Robert Mason, American Genealogist 55 (1979): 149-50. It had been suggested that another of the widow Wise’s children might be Joseph Wise, who belonged to roughly the same generation. Richardson does not mention this claim and finds no evidence in its favor, and Robert Charles Anderson, Joseph Wise of Roxbury, Butcher, American Genealogist 55 (1980): 80-2, cautions against accepting it. These doubts have now been vindicated by Randy A. West, The English Origin of Joseph¹ Wise of Roxbury, Massachusetts, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 177 (2023): 141-3, placing Joseph in a different family and a different English place of origin.

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105. Mason

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