1451, 1467. Tower


  1. Robert Tower (d. 1634) m. 1607 Dorothy Damon (d. 1629); Hingham, Norfolk, Eng.
  2. John Tower (1609–1702) m. 1639 Margaret Ibrook (1620–1700); Hingham, Norfolk, Eng.; Hingham, Mass.
  3. Ibrook Tower (1644–1731) m. (1) 1668 Margaret Hardin (ca. 1647–1705); Hingham, Mass.
  4. Patience Tower (1679–aft. 1749) m. (2) 1704 Thomas James (1669–1724); Hingham, Mass.


Charlemagne Tower, comp., Tower Genealogy: An Account of the Descendants of John Tower, of Hingham, Mass. (Cambridge, Mass.: John Wilson and Son, University Press, 1891), gives the most comprehensive view of its subject. My line is short and locally concentrated enough to receive adequate coverage in [George Lincoln,] History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts, 3 vols. in 4 (Hingham, Mass.: Published by the Town, 1893), 251-3.

Both of these works name Margaret Hardin as the daughter of John Hardin, of Braintree (Tower, 47; Lincoln, 3:252). The books provide no further information about him. He cannot be identified with John Harding of Weymouth, whose only child was Sarah, wife of John Whitmarsh: George Walter Chamberlain, History of Weymouth, Massachusetts, 4 vols. (Weymouth, Mass.: Weymouth Historical Society, 1923), 3:254.

Related surnames

5805, 5869. Ibrook · 725, 733. James

No additional information on the Damon and Hardin families is available at this time.

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