3275. Lanen–Van Pelt


  1. Jan Lanen (d. bef. 1605) m. Petronella ____ (d. bef. 1626); Overpelt, Province of Liège
  2. Bartholomeus Lanen (d. bef. 1626) m. Catharina Baeken (d. bef. 1628); Overpelt, Province of Liège
  3. Jan Lanen (ca. 1589–aft. 1635) m. Catharina Bakelmans (d. aft. 1635); Overpelt, Province of Liège
  4. Teunis Jansen Van Pelt (1622–bef. 1700) m. (3) 1647 Grietje Antonis (d. bef. 1663); Overpelt, Province of Liège; New Utrecht, N. Y.
  5. Jacomyntie Van Pelt (d. aft. 1711) m. Jochem Gulick (ca. 1652–bef. 1723); Gravesend, N. Y.


Research on the early history of this family appears in Dorothy A. Koenig, European Origins of Adriaen Lamberts Smith and the Brothers LanenVan Pelt, New Netherland Connections 4 (1999): 1-12, and Gerald James Parsons, Additional Data on the Lanen Van Pelts, New Netherland Connections 5 (2000): 11-7.

Related surnames

13101. Bakelmans · 1637. Gulick

No information on the ancestors of Grietje Antonis and Catharina Baeken is available at this time.

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