1637. Gulick


  1. Hendrik Gulick (ca. 1614–bef. 1653) m. Geertruyd Jochems Willekens (ca. 1615–aft. 1659); Naarden, Holland; New Amsterdam, New Netherland
  2. Jochem Gulick (ca. 1652–bef. 1723) m. Jacomyntie Van Pelt (d. aft. 1711); Gravesend, N. Y.
  3. Catalyntie Gulick (d. aft. 1711) m. ca. 1698 Willem Willemsen (bef. 1678–aft. 1711); Gravesend, N. Y.; Somerset Co., N. J.


This line of descent is drawn from Eliza Haddon McClure Brevoot, comp. and ed., Gullicks and Allied Families, 1653–1948 (Evansville, Ind.: Burkert-Walton Co., 1948), 5-8; David E. Gulick, Gulicks of the U. S. A. (n. p., 1961); and Susan K. Amicucci, Claes Claeszen, Father of Neeltje Claes, New Netherland Connections 4 (1999): 29-32. A study of another of Jochem’s children, his son Hendrick, is appended to the transcript of Hendrick’s unrecorded will in [Fred Sisser III,] Some Unrecorded Somerset County Wills, Somerset County Genealogical Quarterly 4 (1986): 325-32, at 329-32.

Related surnames

3275. Lanen–Van Pelt · 409. Willemsen

No additional information on the Willekens family is available at this time.

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