46685, 46717. Syday


  1. John Syday (d. 1539) m. Helen ____; ?Essex, Eng.
  2. Robert Cooke (d. bef. 1561) m. Joan Syday (d. 1561); Pebmarsh, Essex, Eng.


Members of this family receive brief mentions in Walter C. Metcalfe, ed., The Visitations of Essex, 2 vols., Publications of the Harleian Society, old ser., vols. 13-4 (London: Harleian Society, 1878–9), 1:383, and Walter Goodwin Davis, comp., Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis (1885–1966): A Reprinting, in Alphabetical Order by Surname, of the Sixteen Multi-Ancestor Compendia (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1996), 1:296.

Related surnames

11671, 11679. Cooke

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