533. Fahrni–Forney


  1. Steffan Fahrni (b. ca. 1540) m. Anna Schilt; Steffisburg, kt. Bern, Switzerland
  2. Steffan Fahrni (ca. 1569–aft. 1604) m. ca. 1594 Barbli Duernermuth (d. aft. 1604); Steffisburg, kt. Bern, Switzerland
  3. Ulrich Fahrni (1604–aft. 1640) m. ca. 1622 Anna Glücki (d. aft. 1640); Steffisburg, kt. Bern, Switzerland
  4. Peter Fahrni (1640–aft. 1716) m. ca. 1662 Anna Rupp (d. aft. 1682); Steffisburg, kt. Bern, Switzerland
  5. Ulrich Fahrni (1664–aft. 1716) m. bef. 1687 Magdalena Zimmerman; Steffisburg, kt. Bern, Switzerland
  6. Peter Forney (1697–1747) m. Anna Smith (d. 1753); West Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa.
  7. Susanna Forney (d. 1785) m. ca. 1734 Dr. Henry Carpenter (1713–1773); West Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa.


Basic reconstructions of the American segment of this family appear in H. O. F. [Howard O. Folker], Sketches of the Forney Family (Philadelphia: Harper & Brother Company, 1911), 67-71, and John K. Forney, Sketches and Genealogy of the Forney Family, from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in Part (Abilene, Kan.: Reflector Printing Co., 1926), 12. Forney’s account, though not much more detailed than H. O. F., is supplemented with extracts from original records, especially at 44-52, and some brief biographies. The European ancestry is developed by Richard Warren Davis, Emigrants, Refugees and Prisoners (an Aid to Mennonite Family Research), 3 vols. (Provo, Utah, 1995–9), 1:165.

Related surnames

1067. Smith · 133. Zimmerman–Carpenter

No additional information on the Duernermuth, Glücki, Rupp, and Schilt families is available at this time.

Comment: Magdalena Zimmerman

The only pre-1687 birth of a girl of this name at Steffisburg, according to existing research, was the younger of the two daughters of Hans Zimmerman and Madi Blanck, baptized 25 January 1674, but even this seems somewhat late to accommodate the birth of a first child in 1687, and in any case does not reflect a complete survey of the baptismal records. See Sharman Meck Carroll, Peter Zimmerman of Steffisburg, Switzerland, Mennonite Family History 24 (2005): 31-3, at 31.

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