89. Heald–Hale


  1. James Heald (d. 1627) m. (2) 1598 Elizabeth Hill (d. 1640?); Mobberly, Cheshire, Eng.
  2. John Heald (1611–1662) m. 1636 Dorothy Royle (1615?–1694); Mobberly, Alderley, Cheshire, Eng.; Concord, Mass.
  3. Israel Heald (1660–1738) m. ca. 1685 Martha Wright (1659–1746); Concord, Stow, Mass.
  4. Oliver Heald (1686–1755) m. ca. 1714 Hannah Gates (b. 1689); Stow, Mass.
  5. Oliver Heald (Hale) (1721–1799) m. (2) 1758 Catharine Boutell (1732–1821); Leominster, Mass.
  6. Betsey Hale (1771–1844) m. 1795 James Carter (1768–1850); Leominster, Mass.


The fullest treatment of my ancestral line appears to be Clarence Almon Torrey, “The Heald–Hale Genealogy: John Heald of Concord, Mass., and Some of His Descendants (Six Generations),” typewritten manuscript (Boston, 1940); a copy is available at the Library of Congress. John Brooks Threlfall, Twenty Six Great Migration Colonists to New England and Their Origins (Madison, Wis., 1993), 133, expands upon the preliminary findings of Clarence Almon Torrey, “Marriages in England of Early American Immigrants,” American Genealogist 10 (1933/4): 14-5, at 15.

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No additional information on the Hill family is available at this time. See below for more on Dorothy Royle.

Comment: Dorothy Royle

John Brooks Threlfall, perhaps the most enthusiastic historian of the English Heald family, gives three statements regarding the wife of John Heald in The Ancestry of My Children:[1]

Because Threlfall evidently compiled his opus over an extended time period and specifically dated none of the constituent articles, it is difficult to compare these conclusions against statements he might have made elsewhere concerning the same family.[2] It is also difficult to judge the merits of each proposal on such small bodies of evidence. All three articles primarily cite “Parish Registers.” These references inform us only that a search in the registers of Eccles and Northenden is likely to confirm both of the baptisms that Threlfall has cited. This leaves little to distinguish them—or for us to choose between. The records in themselves give no compelling reason to prefer George over Henry, or either over some other man as yet unidentified. The evidence presented to support Dorothy’s filiation is insufficient because it does not unambiguously identify George’s daughter with John’s wife. Until evidence of this quality is brought forward, I must reserve judgment on the matter.


1 John Brooks Threlfall, The Ancestry of My Children: Anna Maarit Threlfall, John Hyyrylainen Threlfall, Margaret Ellen Threlfall, Robert Andrews Threlfall, 3 vols. (Madison, Wis., 1970–97). The copy in the Arizona State Research Library includes a title page dated 1970. It also includes synopses of scholarly articles published much later, however, and date stamps clearly show that the library acquired it in 1997.

2 The Heald family account in John Brooks Threlfall, Twenty Six Great Migration Colonists to New England and Their Origins (Madison, Wis.: author, 1993), 133, places Dorothy’s origin in Eccles without discussion of the evidence.

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