4023. Deichert


  1. Sebastian Deichert (d. aft. 1640) m. (1) ____ (d. bef. 1640); Langenselbold, Hesse-Kassel, Germany
  2. Hans Deichert (ca. 1637–1700) m. ca. 1661 Gertraut ____ (ca. 1640–1721); Hüttengesäß, Hesse-Kassel, Germany
  3. Werner Deichert (ca. 1662–aft. 1723) m. 1690 Anna Catharina Ähl (d. aft. 1707); Langenselbold, Hesse-Kassel, Germany
  4. Anna Sabina Deichert (b. 1697) m. 1714 Johann Wilhelm Nellis (1694–1777); Langenselbold, Hesse-Kassel, Germany; Stone Arabia, N. Y.


This family is described in Henry Z. Jones Jr., The Palatine Families of New York: A Study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710, 2 vols. (Universal City, Calif., 1985), 1:162-4. There is material relating to Werner in Annette Kunselman Burgert, Eighteenth Century Emigrants from Langenselbold in Hesse to America (Myerstown, Pa.: AKB Publications, 1997), 132-3, but it is far more limited in scope. For the identification of Johann Wilhelm Nellis’s wife as a Deichert, see Henry Z. Jones Jr., “More Additional Discoveries on Palatine Families of NY–1710,” in Henry Z. Jones Jr. and Lewis Bunker Rohrbach, Even More Palatine Families: 18th Century Immigrants to the American Colonies and Their German, Swiss, and Austrian Origins, 3 vols. (Camden, Me.: Picton Press, 2002), 3:1684-1743, at 1692, 1720-1.

Related surnames

8047. Ähl · 2011. Nellis

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