9. Bostic


  1. Charles Bostick (ca. 1745–ca. 1813) m. Ruth Scoggin (d. aft. 1813); Rutherford Co., N. C.
  2. Reuben Bostick (ca. 1772–ca. 1809) m. 1797 Margaret Davidson (d. aft. 1835); Rutherford Co., N. C.
  3. William Bostick (ca. 1798–1864) m. (1) ____ (d. bef. 1849); Simpson Co., Ky.; Cass Co., Mo.
  4. Davidson Bostick (ca. 1822–aft. 1861) m. Martha Isabelle Aspley (1837–1915); Simpson Co., Ky.; Bates Co., Mo.
  5. Virgil Bostic (1856–1937) m. 1880 Louellen Pennington (1863–1943); Lincoln Co., Mo.
  6. Winnie Bostic (1888–1974) m. 1908 John Leroy Spencer (1885–1962); St. Louis, Maryland Heights, Mo.

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There is no authoritative treatment of my line of descent from this family in print. The PDF essay linked below summarizes my research in documentary sources on this family. Although I necessarily pursue only one child in each family, I also attempt to provide basic chronological information on all of my ancestors’ other children and their spouses.

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